Getting Started In Cryptocurrency

There are different services which list cryptocurrencies. They don’t list all of the same options.


The most popular crypto is Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is like digital gold, Ethereum is like digital oil which fuels crypto. The challenge is that in order for you to double your investment, they have to double in price. And that may happen, but it will take awhile.

If you can find other cryptocurrencies like REN $1.14 and Stellar Lumens $.43, then if they double in price, you double your investment.

Other lower cost cryptocurrencies are Cosmos, Loopring $.59, Tezos $3.73,

A medium price option is Litecoin, which is at $178. But for your to double your investment, it has to go to $356.

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A cryptocurrency with a lot of potential is Polkadot DOT. One of the founders helps create the established Ethereum crypto, but he left the company as they weren’t evolving quickly enough. So he created his own to take his ideas to the next level. It has the potential to surpass Ethereum. Right now DOT is $35, as it’s a fairly new offering. But if it goes up to the level of Ethereum which is at $1,500, you see the huge potential.

You can read about Polkadot on this page.

Another cryptocurrency with a lot of potential is Cardano.

You can read about Cardano on this page.

You have to wire money into Kraken or transfer bitcoin. Here’s a Fiat funding page


As with other markets, cryptocurrencies tend to rise to a peak, then fall and cycle up and down a bit as the market establishes the price at a higher level. If you track your target crypto you can watch these cycles take place and grab it on the low points.


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